How It Works

Limb Bit uses sensors and your smartphone to detect changes in your horse's leg movements & patterns.

4 Small Sensors

Slip the four Limb Bit sensors into the splint boots or place them directly onto the legs of your horse with the supplied strap and they are ready to go.

Download the App

Limb Bit is an app that runs on all smartphones. Simple to set-up and even more simple to use. Within minutes you can keep track of the soundness of your horse.

Early Detection

Limb Bit is so sensitive that the slightest variations in your horses leg movements can be detected. This can put you way ahead of major problems.

Multiple horses

You can add as many horses as you want into your Limb Bit account. This is perfect for owners or trainers with several horses they are responsible for.

Because Horses Can't Talk

Our goal is to prevent major problems by detecting changes early.

1) Download the App and set-up an account.
2) Register your first horse.
3) Place a Limb Bit sensor onto each leg.
4) Trot or canter your horse for 50 yards.
5) Limb Bit will warn you if there are any changes or early signs of problems.


The Limb Bit TEAM

We've assembled an amazing team to help bring Limb Bit to life.
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JD Conway, DVM

Inventor & President
JD Conway is a practicing equine veterinarian in Decatur, Texas. JD’s father, Jim Conway, has been in the equine healthcare industry for 35 years. JD knows how to navigate the retail horse market.
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Robo Hendrickson

Business & Marketing Director
Robo specializes in launching new product brands. He helped launch Sony Mini-disc, Handi-cam & WebTV, XM Satellite Radio, GameStop and Dragn Grills. In animal healthcare he helped Vetericyn, Viagen, FullBucket and Encore Genetics.
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Sally Long-Conway

Account Manager
Sally has experience working in the animal health pharmaceutical industry. She is also a barrel racer and extreme horse enthusiast.
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Jodi Weishaar-Hendrickson

Business Development
Jodi has worked in business development for Equibrand, Western Horseman and Barrel Horse News. She has extensive experience with equine sales and service.
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Roy Prosise

Product Development & Manufacturing
Roy has experience with concept design, engineering, rapid prototyping, testing, injection molds, injection molding, packaging, logistics and global sourcing. He has worked with all scopes of projects from inventor start up products to Fortune 500 company projects.

What People Are Saying

While we work on developing the technology, we thought it would be helpful to get some feedback from potential customers.


Project Milestones

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